George H.W. Bush: A Life In Pictures 1924 – 2018

Former United States President George Bush speaks during the Billy Graham Crusade at Texas

The last day of November will now be remembered as the day the world lost an incredibly great man with the passing of George H.W. Bush. The 41st president of the United States and father of the 43rd president, died at the age of 94 and the nation is already in a severe state of grief. Wednesday, December 5, 2018, has already been declared as a National Day of Mourning, but the world is already keeping him alive with stories, memories, and pictures.

Known to many by the “H.W.” in his name, there are some who never even knew that those initials stand for Herbert Walker. He took the office of president on January 20, 1989, and that was after serving eight years as the vice president for Ronald Reagan.

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George H.W. Bush: A Life In Pictures 1924 – 2018

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